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Come Home to Idlewild

Although the Paradise Club and other nightclubs are now gone, Idlewild holds many fond memories for those who once visited there. 

The local movers and shakers hope to recreate those golden years by establishing a museum to preserve the rich culture and historic legacy of Idlewild.  Also in the plans is a new entertainment complex that will house exhibits and live musical shows. 

In the meantime, Idlewild remains a tranquil, lovely retreat for year-round vacationers.  The lush green forests beckon visitors with a promise of good hunting, no matter whether they seek fleet-footed deer or tender mushrooms.  The area’s three pristine lakes and the best public beach access in Lake County provide the perfect setting for leisurely boating, jet skiing, sunning, swimming and other warm weather pursuits. Cool weather seasons have their own charm in Idlewild, too.  The forests of western Michigan erupt into jewel-toned leafy palates in the fall, providing a perfect counterpoint to the beauty of the lakes.  Snow bunnies also love to explore the area’s natural beauty and wildlife during the winter on Lake County’s cross-country ski and snowmobile trails. 

The baby boomers who came to Idlewild with their parents decades ago have found memories of Idlewild…as well as discretionary income to spend now on your products and services.  With its low tax rates, excellent land values and virtually limitless opportunities for economic development, Idlewild and surrounding Lake County offer outstanding opportunities to grow your business or launch a new venture.