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(The Lake County Enterprise Community federal designation ended December 2009, however efforts continue by the Lake County Coalition for Economic Progress, formerly the Lake County Enterprise Community Board of Directors)


Three major projects in Idlewild and the Lake County Enterprise Community Strategic Plan identified as keys to stimulating economic development of the area:

 1.                 INFRASTRUCTURE development such as sewer, water and natural gas installation. Availability of these services increase property values, attract business, jobs and will improve the overall quality of life.

2.                 TOURISM will be enhanced by the historic Idlewild project.  The Idlewild Historic Cultural Center provides various views and accommodates various needs; focusing on social and cultural significance,  highlighting music and the arts, and serving business and recreational needs.  This project is seen as an end destination tourist attraction.

Lake County is unique among its surrounding neighbors, and it is unique to Northern Michigan.  It has the largest population of Americans of African Ancestry north of Muskegon.  Lake County is home of Idlewild, the historic African American resort community.  Music and entertainment is a part of that history.  The story, the spirit, the echo of excitement that is Idlewild continues to fascinate young and old alike.  They form a market for experiencing that incredible American story by visiting Idlewild.  Their pilgrimmage to this mecca will contribute to the economic development of Lake County.

3.                BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT will be stimulated by creating incentives and marketing Lake County and the Greater Idlewild area. 

Other essential areas addressed by the Enterprise Community Strategic Plan include education, housing, 911, access to health and police services, trash removal and beautification projects.


FiveCAP, Inc. is the Lead/Administrative Agency

Website:  www.fivecap.org

FiveCAP, Inc.

PO Box 37, 302 N. Main Street

Scottville, MI  49454

(231) 757-3785            fax (231) 757-9669